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Can you name the missing word in these basketball cliches and sayings?

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Basketball Cliche/SayingMissing Word
He got away with a ____
Those are the things that don't show up in the ___-_____
They need a timeout to stop the ________
He just threw up a _____
The lost art of the ___-_____ jumper.
They play _____ the rim
They're making a ______ behind the 3-point arc
They score a lot of points in __________
They can really _____ up the scoreboard
This game has turned into a _____ meet
He's tenacious on _______
They match-up well ____-wise
It's a two-__________ game
He has tremendous ______
Nothing but ___
They're my dark _____
They have to ___ out better
They've been red-___ OR He has the ___ hand
I question their ____ selection
Now's the time to run some _____
Basketball Cliche/SayingMissing Word
There's a ___ on the basket
That shot barely drew ____
They've got to take it to the ____
They've got _______
They're on ____
And the fans are serenading him with _._._. chants
He provides them with instant _______
They can't get their shots to ____
They play an __-tempo game
He's been perfect from the _______ stripe
He's their _____-plug off the bench.
They can't buy a ______
Good no-____ by the officials
They have to _____ the ball inside
It's raining ______
He ____ the handle
They're shooting well from ________
They're shooting the ______ out
They ____ well without the ball
They ____ and ___ by the outside shot

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