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Debut Year
Debut Date
Fandom Name
The Group's Greeting
Official Colours (the exact names)
Number Of Members
Oldest Member
Youngest Member
Nayeon's Birth Year
Jeongyeon's Birth Year
Momo's Birth Year
Sana's Birth Year
Jihyo's Birth Year
Mina's Birth Year
Dahyun's Birth Year
Chaeyoung's Birth Year
Tzuyu's Birth Year
Nayeon's Lastname
Jeongyeon's Last Name
Momo's Last Name
Sana's Last Name
Jihyo's Last Name
Mina's Last Name
Dahyun's Last Name
Chaeyoung's Last Name
Tzuyu's Last Name
Japanese Members
Taiwanese Member
Debut Song
Debut Album
Trained the longest
How long?
Trained the shortest
How long?
1st Win (Song)
1st Win (Music Show)
1st Win (Date)
2nd Album
3rd Album
Momo's Birthplace (City)
Sana's Birthplace (City)
Mina's Birthplace (City)
Where did Mina move to when she was a baby? (City)
Tzuyu's birthplace (City)
Tallest Member
Shortest Member
Mina's English Name
Which member once went to the dentist to get braces, but the dentist said that she couldn't get them?
Shares the same birthday as GOT7's Junior
Actress Gong Seungyeon's sister
Dressed as Sailor Moon in Cheer Up MV
Main Lead in GOT7 Stop Stop It MV
Main Lead in GOT7 A MV
Main Lead in GOT7 Girl Girls Girls
Shy Shy Shy (nuff said)
Started dancing when she was 2
Sprained her ankle when filming The Laws of The Jungle
Takes the longest in the shower
Members who auditioned for JYP rather than scouted
The member who is unexpectedly girly (likes pink and barbie...etc)
Has large front teeth (Bunny Teeth)
Jihyo's birthname (she changed it)
The creator of the Eagle Dance
The member with the heaviest Kansai Accent
Got birthday kisses from all her members (almost...)
What University did/is Nayeon go to
Friends With Black Pink's Jennie & Jisoo
Favourite Food is Jokbal
Neomuhae Neomuhae (Who's line)
The Mermaid in TT MV
Tzuyu's favourite song in 3rd Album
Trained in Ballet for 11 years

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