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Can you name the popular 90's toy that each haiku describes?

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Haiku HintToy
I'm very happy /Woa! He he he! Me love you / Pet me! Feed me! *Burp*!
Malibu beach house / You always lost her darn shoes / Boyfriend's name was Ken
Great handheld device / Play Pokemon for days straight / 'Primitive' graphics
Little animals / Had poems in their heart tags / MUST collect them all
Peg people in cars / Grr! Stuck with the split level! / Can't wait for pay day!
Mini dollhouse toy / Teeny tiny choke hazards / Fold up their whole world
You could change his eyes / His butt had a door on it / Starred in Toy Story
Voice gives you commands / Twist it! Pull it! Don't mess up / Show off your mad skills
Pet hatched in an egg / You had to clean up their poop / Feed it or it dies
Red little monster / Became a world sensation / Oh no! That tickles!
Haiku HintToy
Pour stuff into mold / Bake until they are all done / Out pops a spider
Colored blocks that stack / Build towers that reach real high / ...Not too high or...*crash*
Build roads in a *snap* / Race tracks were freaking awesome / Affordable cars
Put them on your hands / Go ahead, hit your brother / He should wear them too
Now, choose your shovel / He moves around spitting balls / Get yours in to win
Hair standing straight up / Some had jewel belly buttons / Love their hair colors
This guy looks real tough / Stop! You're stretching him too much! / Shrinks back to normal
Fun for everyone / Won't Start? Blow on the cartridge / Let's play Smash Brothers
Everyone loves them / Why? The commercial said so / They can walk down stairs
A gun with water / Play outside or mom gets mad / Wetter is better!

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