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Everyone puts a certain hand/foot on a colour which is said
Walk around London, buying/selling streets and properties
Compete in races, with up to four players, starring super mario
Use your feet to stamp on the correct arrow which shows up on the screen
Two teams + Shooting each other in the dark + Glowing Armour
Try to get rid of all your cards, by lying and don't get caught
The person who is 'It' tries to get other people instead
A ps2 game show in which you've got to use certain buttons and get the right answer
Pretend to be this or that, can be played indoors or out
A blindfolded player runs round and tries to catch other people
Two teams on opposite sides of the playground, take turns to throw a tennis ball to try get players from other tream out
Try be the person whose only got one card left, but you have to say the name of the game as soon as you get to your last card
You wanna be the very best, like no-one ever was, to catch them is your real test, to train them is your cause.........
Build a contraption and try not to be caught in the cheese wheel
If you meet their winking eye, you're gonna die.........
When the drama gets too boring, shout the name of the game to freeze the action, then you jump in and act out a new scene
So who did it, in what room and with what weapon?
Remove certain body parts, but don't make him buzz
Collect and swap trading cards, usually brought from the news-agents
Lay down one of these (little black things with white dots) and follow the pattern
Players take it in turn to be blindfolded and try to pin a tail on this animal
Dance until the music stops, then quickly get into and hold that pose
Try to make this animal gobble up the most balls
Knock down as many pins as you can, ideally 10
Karaoke game for ps2, you can get a number of other games too
You're not allowed to speak, instead you have to mime and act out what you are trying to say
Bit by bit, draw a picture of the word you have to try portray, until someone guesses it
Spin a bottle, whoever it lansd on gets the choice of one out of two words
Use your counters to go up these to get to the top, but don't land on one of these, otherwise you've got to go back down
Think of something you see, begining with a certain letter adn ask someone else to guess it
A card game, each player takes it in turn to take one of the right players card, don't get an ace!!!!!!!!
Collect tiles with the same pattern on, and try to eliminate all tiles
Try to collect the most sticks by using special tactics, just don't move the rest of them
Go on a quest with a number of disney characters, and complete a number of missions
This game usually contains a dvd with clips,in which teams have to answer questions about what they've seen
Create and control a family and a home......or neighbourhood
Move all your checkers into your own home board and then bear them off, move your checkers according to the numbers showing on both dice
Act, sculpt, sing, dance, just basically be very silly
Two teams of 10 or more, one bats whilst the other pitches/fields etc
Throw a disc to each other, if you drop it you have to do a forefit

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