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The Prime Minister of which country went missing in 1967 after he went for a swim on his own?
Who was the second wife of Napoleon Bonaparte?
Which great conqueror was born under the name Temujin?
What is the current name of the former Stalingrad?
Operation Sea Lion was the German plan to invade which country in WW II?
To which country did Wilhelm II flee to exile after WW I?
Joan of Arc was put to death in what city?
The capital of Norway was known under what name from 1624 to 1924?
In what city was the Titanic constructed?
Which Russian introduced glasnost & perestroika?
In what year did the USA buy Alaska from Russian Empire?
What was the name of the sword of King Arthur?
Who wrote the art of war?
What was the name of the ship sunk by Germany in WW I that greatly influenced the USA to eventually enter the war?
What town is known for the slaughter of unarmed civilians in 1968 by US soldiers?
Who killed Abraham Lincoln?
The crossing of which river by Caesar started a civil war?
Who was known as The Lady With The Lamp?
What is the major cause of the destruction of the lightouse of Alexandria?
Who said: 'The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.'?
Which book is said to have inspired Mark David Chapman to kill John Lennon?
Which artist created 'The Abyss of Hell'?
Who composed the 1812 overture?
Who was the first European explorer to sight New Zealand?
In what country took the Boxer Rebellion place?
Which British vice admiral died in the battle of Trafalgar?
In what city was the League of Nations founded?
Which Archduke was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, triggering WW I?
Which empire laid siege to Vienna in 1683?
Who wrote 'The Commentariolus', suggesting heliocentric theory?

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