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Can you give the answers to these progressively harder questions concerning economics?

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What currency is used in the USA? 
What does GDP stand for? 
Which company had the highest market value in 2012? 
Which scheme is Bernie Madoff known for? 
Generally, the printing of money by Central Banks causes? 
What is the relatively new digital currency called? 
What do we call the intervention of the government with businesses to prevent them from banktruptcy? 
The out of control rising of prices is called? 
Which currency was introduced in multiple countries in 2002? 
Who came up with the theory of the invisible hand? 
What is the major stock index of Japan called? 
The Case-Shiller Index is an index concerning? 
Name 2 of the PIGS-countries. 
What does IPO stand for? 
What is the main export product of the OPEC countries? 
What (market)bubble blew up in 2000? 
Which Latin term is used in economics to describe: 'all other things equal'? 
What do we call the fall of the value of a currency? 
In what state is an economy that has 2 consecutive quarters of decreasing GDP? 
What does IMF stand for? 
Which act in 2002 was enforced to tighten corporate governance? 
Who became president of the ECB in 2011? 
Name any of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences winners of 2013. 
To what animal do we compare the stock market if prizes are strongly rising? 
What do we call the interest rate used in interbank trading? 
Which index is just to estimate whether currencies are at their 'correct' level? 
Which theorem was developed by Modigliani & Miller? 
Which program did the Federal Reserve issue in 2008 to stimulate the economy? 
What do we call goods for which the demand increases when the price increases? 
What do we call goods for which the demand declines as consumers get richer? 

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