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Which star is the closest one to Earth?
What is the sixth book in the Harry Potter Series?
What language is predominantly spoken in Brazil?
Name the three U.S. states with four letter names.
How many years are there in an eon?
Myopia is the medical term for what ailment?
The slogan 'Always Fresh' used to be that of which fast food chain?
Which element has the symbol K?
Pluto is no longer considered a planet - but rather a what?
Which current artist has written hits including 'Stronger', 'Mr. Know It All', and 'Walk Away'?
'The Big Three' refers to which Greek Gods?
Oncology is the study of what disease?
Chartreuse is a shade of which colour?
Sapphire and Ruby are simply this mineral in different colours.
World War II ended with the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan - Code names 'Fat Man' and what?
If I am using an oboe, what am I doing?
Which theory states that Earth's surface is dynamic or constantly changing?
The study of motion is called what? (Physics)
I need to get my TYRE changed - which country am I likely in?
Monotremes, a group of mammals that includes the platypus and echidna, are special because of what trait?
What does NATO stand for?
Which artist was known as the 'King of Pop'?
Katniss is two things: the heroine in 'The Hunger Games', and what?
How many bits are in a byte?
Why might someone have a need for A.S.L.?
The 'Sadie Hawkins' dance can also be known as what?
Who wrote 'War and Peace'?
Peafowl refers to what animal?
Which sci-fi meets crime investigation TV show has main characters Olivia, Peter, Walter, and Astrid among others?
Which famous saying promotes teamwork and solidarity among team members?
What is the innermost colour in a rainbow?
What is the capital of Canada?
Which sport is played with wickets?
After which Canadian Prime Minister was the Diefenbunker named?
How many men did the 'Grand old Duke of York' have?
What does the Q in the acronym LGBTQ stand for?
Approximately what is the human population of Earth?
Australia is part of what continent?
What do you do with a Javelin?
Which natural wonder of Canada is also known as the horseshoe falls?

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