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Can you name the Half-Life 2 Episode 2 Achievements?

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Squish every antlion grub 
Kill the antlion guards outside the White Forest 
Kill an acid antlion worker 
Find and break every web cache 
Help Griggs and Sheckley defend the mine shaft 
Run over 20 eneimes with the car 
Survive the Hunter ambush with Alyx 
Defeat the chopper in Episode Two without any misses 
Destroy the Combine Autogun in the junkyard 
Find every radar cache in chapter Under The Radar 
Beat DOG in a race to the White Forest base 
Unlock the rocket launcher lambda cache in chapter Under The Radar 
Survive the ambush at White Forest Inn 
Secure the launch doors on missile silo 2 
Save the missile silo from the Combine offensive 
Kill 30 enemies with thrown physics objects 
Kill an enemy by planting a hopper mine 
Kill a Combine soldier with his own grenade 
Steal a Zombine's grenade 
Send the garden gnome into space 
Save all buildings outside the missile silo from destruction 
Kill a Hunter with its own flechettes 

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