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Can you name the Fallout New Vegas Leveling Perks?

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Level 2
10% damage to opposite sex 
10% damage to same sex 
Eyes adapt to low lighted areas faster 
Thrown weapons fly faster and farther 
Do 75% extra critical damage to animals or mutated animals 
Add one point to your special 
All weapons reload 25% faster than normal 
Skill Magazines have longer duration 
Gain 10% of exp when exp is earned 
Level 4
Lets you eat humans and ghouls  
One extra point for reading a skill book and two extra points for a skill magazine 
Gain two more skill points every time you advance in level 
50% extra damage to insects 
The higher you are irradiated thr bigger bonus to healing 
Extra aming with one handed weapons while moving 
Wearing light armor or no armor you move 10% faster 
Level 6
5% extra damage 
20% extra damage to explosives 
If your is health is below 50% your companion gains damage resistance 
More bottle caps will be found in stockpiles 
Accuracy with one handed weapons is increased while using V.A.T.S. 
All hand load recipes unlocked at any reloading benches 
50% less radation from drinking and eating from radiated items 
10 points of a targets damage resistance is ignored when using a shotgun 
Sneak attack criticals damage increased by 20% when using certain ranged weapons 
Level 6
Three points are added to damage resistance 
Level 6
More efficent recycling recipes availbe at work benches 
Level 8
Accuracy with two handed weapons is increased while using V.A.T.S. 
Damage is increased to dynamite, hatches, knives, revolvers, and lever action guns 
Shows health and damage resistance to any targer and adds 5% damage to humans and non feral ghouls 
Items they whey two pounds or less is reduce to half of its normal weight  
Equipping and holstering weapons is now 50% faster 
Adds 25% to radiation resistance 
More ammo will be found in stockpiles 
5 points to damage resistance to melee and unarmed attacks and cannot be knocked down during combat 
Allows you to carry 50 more pounds 
All melee (expect thrown) and unarmed attacks have a chance to knock down your opponent 
Intimidate foes in dialouge and allows them to flee for five seconds 
Level 10
Instantly levels you up 
Animals may not attack you 
Adds 5% to critical chance 
Level 10
Reduces action points costs by 10% 
Level 10
A woman that incapacite enemies in V.A.T.S. 
Allows you to kill sleeping targets instantly 
A man that will finish off targets in V.A.T.S. 
Level 10
Adds 15% to damage resistance and strength will set to 10 if your health is 20% or lower 
Level 10
Adds two points to intelligence and perception between 6:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M. 
Action Points costs for all plasma weapons are reduced by 10% 
Level 12
Adds 20% health points when using stimpaks 
Allows you to eat Super Mutants and Feral Ghouls 
Add 50% to damage resistance to explosives 
Adds 30 hit points to health 
Being over-encumbered no longer prevents you from using fast travel 
All your unarmed and melee attacks negate 15 points of damage resistance 
Adds 50% damage with fire-based weapons 
Adds 25% damage to robots, can shut down robots by sneaking up on them 
Running no longer factors into a successful sneak attempt 
More likely to hit the target's head in V.A.T.S.  
Explosives have a 25% larger area of effect 
You do additional damage through enemy blocks with melee and unarmed attacks 
Level 14
Damage taken by limbs reduced by 50% 
Do an additional 15% damage when targeting the torso 
Chems last twice as long 
Repair any item using a roughly similar item 
You no longer activate floor traps or land mines 
You do 50% extra damage with melee and unarmed weapons against super mutant, cantaurs, nightstalkers, deathclaws, and other mutants 
Level 16
Adds 15 points to action points 
Level 16
Adds 50% damage with critical hits  
Level 16
Half as likely to get addicted 
Foes killed by your Energy Weapons emit a corona of harmful energy 
Adds 15 points to a skill 
Weapon strength requirements are now 2 points lower than normal for you 
Level 18
Can hack a locked down terminal with four more chances 
More accuracy in V.A.T.S. with every attack on a given body part queued 
Can pick a broken lock with one more bobby pin 
Can paralyze an enemy for 30 seconds with a V.A.T.S. unarmed attack 
Level 20
All locations are marked on your map 
A kill in V.A.T.S. restores 20 action points immediately 
Adds 15% critical chance with melee and unarmed weapons and adds 25% damage with melee or unarmed sneak attack criticals 
Adds 2 Strength and one hit point every 10 seconds while outside, from 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.  
Level 22
You do an extra 15% damage and have a 10% extra chance to critically hit with any laser weapon 
Unlocks special Nuka-Cola recipes at the Workbench 
Your attacks do much less damage to companions 
Level 24
The speed of all your melee and unarmed attacks is increased by 30% 
Level 26
Faster action point regeneration 
Level 28
Takes away one rad point every 20 seconds 

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