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Can you name the Fallout 3 Perks?

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Level 2
10% damage on male or female 
5 points added to science and medicine 
5 points added to smguns and repair 
One point added to S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 
5 points added to melee weapons and explosives 
Extra EXP after level up 
5 points added to sneak and lockpick 
Level 4
talk to kids easier 
one additional skill point when a skill book is read 
best used later in the game 
50% damage to insect's 
5 points added to unarmed combat 
5 points added to speech and barter 
Level 6
5% damage to all weapons 
20% damage to explosive weapons 
Find more caps 
V.A.T.S. increased with one handed weapon 
Less radiarion when drinking water 
10% damage resistance 
Level 8
V.A.T.S. increased with two handed weapon 
Need to have neutral karma 
Less radiaition allowed 
find more ammunition in containers 
15 points added to big gun 
Can carry 50 more pounds of equipment 
Level 10
animals may not attack you 
Have a higher chance to score a critical hit 
Automatically levels you up 
Kill people while they're sleeping 
A man with a .44 magnum 
Low on health will set your strength level to 10 with this perk 
You perfer the night 
Level 12
Lets you eat your human victims 
20% health bonus when you use stimpaks 
gives you 30 HP 
50% damage added to fire based weapons 
Shuts them down when you sneak up on them 
10 points added to sneak 
Better head shots 
Level 14
Have less of a chance of crippling a limb 
Chems last longer 
Collect human ears 
Half man half robot 
Collect human fingers 
You no longer activate enemy mines or traps 
Every item price reduced by 25% 
Level 16
Gives you an extra 25 action points with this perk 
50% damage added with a critical hit 
Less chance to get a addicted 
Adds another tag skill 
Level 18
Accuracy to hit a limb in V.A.T.S. increased 
Lets you try to hack into a computer if you got locked out of it 
Lets you try to pick a lock if you broke the lock 
Stuns the enemy for 30 sec. 
Level 20
All locations unlocked 
Action points are restored when you kill a target 
25% damage added when you perform a sneak critical hit whith no guns 
Pefer the sun and slowly regenerate health 

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