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What goes up must come down. Yet my feet don't touch the ground. See the world spinning upside down, A mighty ______ without a sound!'Sonic Heroes' / Sonic Heroes
But you can hardly swallow, your fears and pain! When you can't help but ______, It puts you right back where you came!'Live and Learn' / Sonic Adventure 2
Can you see all of me? _____ into my mystery, step inside and hold on for dear life'I am.....All of Me' / Shadow the Hedgehog
In the face of reason, I can't take no more, and one by one they've all become a _____ on the floor'What I'm Made Of' / Sonic Heroes
The race is getting rough, but I just won't give up, the _______'s getting really tight'Race to Win' / Sonic Rivals 2
Don't you know, we really have to _____ to a place'Super Sonic Racing' / Sonic R
The sky with ______ so bright, the colors feel so right, I never felt like this, I'll keep on running!'Reach for the Stars' / Sonic Colors
Runnin' it back again, well what'dja expect? Comin' at ya with ten outta ten, got a real _______!'His World' / Sonic 06
Right through anomalies, with one worth ______ in'Un-Gravitify' / Sonic Riders : Zero Gravity
_________ of the strong, found the meaning that you've searched for so long!'All Hail Shadow' / Sonic 06
Together we can overcome all the ______, it's never as hard as it seems'We Can' / Sonic Heroes
I can't ______, what I used to be, something's turning me upside down'Chosen One' / Shadow the Hedgehog
A challenge has been issued by the _______, this mission's going to need them all'Team Chaotix' / Sonic Heroes
My eyes are filled with curiosity, you think that you have _____ over me'With Me' / Sonic and the Black Knight
You can't _____ that , wonders you can't have'Catch Me If You Can' / Sonic Riders : Zero Gravity
Feeling like the road, it's ______ you on every turn, but there are lessons to learn'Live Life' / Sonic and the Black Knight
As I sit, as I stand, by the _____ I command'Knight of the Wind' / Sonic and the Black Knight
When the sun goes down, I feel like I am waiting, for another day, when the ______ go away 'Can You Feel the Sunshine' / Sonic R
I take one step forward, and two steps back, got a _______ pounds sitting on my back'Never Turn Back' / Shadow the Hedgehog
Another day is like a new beginning, and so today I know that it's a new _____'Diamond in the Sky' / Sonic R
If you were able, would you go change the past to mend a ______ with one last chance?'Dreams of an Absolution' / Sonic 06
I wanna fly high, so I can reach the _______ of all the heavens'Believe in Myself' / Sonic Adventure 2
You start to look and answers find you, your inner ______ lies ahead'Waking Up' / Shadow the Hedgehog
I'd love to destroy the blue one you know. He's an ______ that always gets in my way.'E.G.G.M.A.N.' / Sonic Adventure 2
Where do I stop, it's all a blur and so ______, well, I don't know but I can't be wrong'It Doesn't Matter' / Sonic Adventure
Asked him a question and he vanished in a second, I'm walkin' through _____ cryin' pumpkin in the alley.'A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup' / Sonic Adventure 2
Yours is filled with ______ and mine is not, there is no way I can lose!'Open Your Heart' / Sonic Adventure
It's a supersonic _____, got to keep it goin''Sonic Boom' / Sonic CD
So send me a letter, let me know how you're doing. You are my ______ and true friend.'Dear My Friend' / Sonic Unleashed
Make beliefs reborn, myths in mind _______. Question all that's known, legends blurred and torn'Seven Rings in Hand' / Sonic and the Secret Rings
And I know that if we communicate, this will be _____ to the end!'Speak With Your Heart' / Sonic Colors
I know with some luck that I'll make it through, got no other ______, only one thing to do!'Escape From The City' / Sonic Adventure 2
Beg, ______, steal, you made to deal, and with no hesitation'Free' / Sonic Free Riders
I'm cool in a ______ kind of bliss with saying good-bye'So Much More' / Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing
So _____ wake me up when I get there, it feels like I'm lost in a dream'Endless Possibility' / Sonic Unleashed
Back to back, On the ______ - back!'Back 2 Back' / Sonic Rush
I got out my map and chose a place I wanted to go to, I know that your _____ color is that cool shade of blue'My Sweet Passion' / Sonic Adventure
Streaking lights, loud sounds, and _____, are the elements that keep me going?'Unknown from M.E.' / Sonic Adventure 2
I'm gonna show you what true speed is! Ridin' on the of the _____ of a Super Sonic!'Sonic Speed Riders' / Sonic Riders
Living in the city, you've got to keep the _____ alive'Living in the City' / Sonic R

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