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Can you guess all the names of these gaming, non-gaming, and ritual creepypastas?

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He is the most famous creepypasta monster ever. A man without a face, his tentacles may grow out and try to grab you.
He was a kid who was bullied, but recovered and gives himself a scary 'makeover'.
This demonic blue creature is 'way too fast' even for you.
The most popular video game creepypasta ever. Hell, there are even videos to truly show the evidence that this was real.
Can you feel the sunshine, does it brighten up your day? Don't you feel the sunshine, you just need to run away.
A 9 minute video about a sinister-looking mouse? I ain't watching it.
DON'T SEARCH FOR THIS ON YOUTUBE. If you do, have fun repairing your computer.
A man was arrested for trying to kidnap a girl because he can't beat the 'final level'.
Can you gain access to the Shadow Side?
Kids commited suicide because of the music found in this place.
This show proves that not all children's shows are light and entertaining.
Just spread the word.
This is a cursed word used by Shakespeare, and now it's even got a ritual.
Say this name and 'she' will come out.
Even the most popular video game character got his own pasta.
One of Nick's best cartoon characters gets bulked up with all the 'hyper-realism'.
153 people gouged out their eyes, a staff member screamed, all because of a high pitch drilling sound and a man.
He was 'so......nearly........free'.
The white-eyed Steve.
He's coming
Your cellphone just ringed, 'You have 666 unread text'.
By just looking at it feels like you froze.
A babysitter gets creeped out.
It predicted the death of Gary Coleman.
It is not a game. It is a government experiment.
The bronies won't watch this....
.....or even play this.
Telling her if she's beautiful or not, it's still a bad thing.
The eyes, the teeth, the posture, oh my!!
We must respect this thing, or else.
DON'T ever enter Mowgli's Palace.
He's hearing voices in his head.
Try to escape ''him'' until 3:33 AM.
4th, 2nd, 6th, 2nd, 10th.
I feel depressed after playing this game.
You do not call me Natalie anymore.
Your dad is dead, and then you ask yourself.
Fan of pro wrestling? You don't want to see Kane vs Mankind in an Inferno Match.
If you 'seeked' all 538 objects, well, be prepared for death.
You can be your own subconscious, if you concentrate real hard.
Playing a game with a doll sounds fun, until there are dark consequences.
What do you do when a creature kills your brother? Taking a picture of it, of course!
This character from an arcade actually is a real-life serial killer.
He has driven kids into almost committing suicide. Even for a face like that.
This guy is so scary, I would kill a baby.

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