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Can you name the To Love-Ru Characters based on the given description of each?

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Main male character who has a crush on the two main female characters
One of the two main female characters who is the princess of an alien planet
One of the two main female characters who lives with her sister and has a dog
Sister of main female character who can talk to animals
Sister of main female character who can talk to plants
School student who strongly enforces the rules and loves cats
Famed intergalactic assassin with a hatred of perverts
King of the universe
Bodyguard and servant to alien royal family
Troublesome girl who can transform into weapons and loves sugar
Baby that came from a giant plant in the backyard
Sister to main male character who is very self-sufficient
Dressing robot of main female character
Attractive alien doctor
Alien biochemist who made a clone of herself
Female student who likes to cause trouble in school
Troublesome girl's sidekick
Rich queen bee of the school
Queen bee's friend/servant who's great with a sword
Queen bee's best friend who idolizes her
Mentor of transweapon girl; Very perverse
Female alien that is part boy; Is an idol
Male alien that is part girl; Is a fighter
Main male character's pubescent best friend
Ghost of a girl who died years ago; has an artificial body
Creepy, pedo leader of the school
Famous idol who's really a 'fire alien'
Main male character's dad
Main male character's female alter-ego
Main female character's dog

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