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A tall, expressionless being who dresses sharp.
A murderous teen who likes to smile and hates to blink
The ghost of a dead boy that haunts a Zelda game
An unknown creature that watches you sleep and kills you if it feels like it
A plush toy with a gem on it's head that causes your eyes to bleed
An internet image that drives the viewer to insanity unless they chain-mail it
A ghastly 'clown' who likes to murder children
An armless monster who eats Andrew after crushing his ribcage
A vengeful teen bent on killing one other character n this list, who killed her family
A messed-up 1970's kids show that wasn't all there..... and I mean that literally
A black and white cartoon that pushed the first viewer to kill himself
A video game with a hapless, limbless boy in it, who is followed by messages in his party
A being who represents chaos, insanity, misery, etc. and shall end the world in due time
A blue-faced individual that enjoys human organs and seems to be missing two things in his head
An experiment that just went WRONG.
A Fanfic that shows not everypony is who they seem
A beloved cartoon made satanic with red tears, red eyes, and a red mist
A Nick Jr. Show that didn't prevent disasters as much as it did foretell them
A facility full of dangerous items and creatures
A 17-year-old killer with Tourettes and an invulnerability to pain
Monster that wears a skull and eats children in trees
An abandoned episode of a famous yellow family in which the son dies. And somethings unnerving are foretold.
A character from a nightmare resembling medics from the time of the Bubonic Plague

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