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What is Mr Krabs' first name?
Has Squidward mistakenly been call Squidward Tennis Balls?
What is Spongebob's favourite amusement park called?
In the FUN song what does Plankton say U is for?
When Squidward buys a pie for Spongebob, who does he buy it from?
When Spongebob and his friends went on a ghost pirate ship, what did they end up in at the end of the episode?
What street does Spongebob live on?
When Patrick says he wants to be Dirty Dan, was reason does he say?
Who is Spongebob rival?
What do the pretty patties do to a guy's tongue?
Who is Spongebob's bully?
What is the name of this Bikini Bottom Anchorman?
What is Plankton's first name?
What is the name of a character that appeared at the end of an episode and was the reason of flickering lights?
What was the song that Patrick wrote called?
What was the scary person that Squidward made up in the episode 'The Graveyard Shift'?
What is the lipstick that Pearl loves called?
Where does Sandy Squirrel originally come from?
What does Spongebob insert into Robot Krabs to make him self destruct?

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