Literature Quiz / Skulduggery Pleasant Quotes Part I (FIRST BOOK ONLY)

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Can you name the Skulduggery Pleasant character who said each quote?

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'You're not stealing anything, you're not breaking anything, so I'd guess you're Stephanie.'
'I've never trusted charities. They always want something from you.'
'...I leave to you your wife; I think you might like her.'
'...I love you all, even those I don't particularly like. That's you, Beryl.'
'Engines and shelves, that's why men were invented.'
'Or I can sit on your knee; whatever works.'
'Well, that's something you don't see every day.'
'Magic's pretty handy.'
'Are you holding my hat hostage?'
'...I've got something he didn't....Your hat. Take me with you, or I'll stand on it.'
'Don't start another sentence with but.'
'What, a living skeleton isn't enough for you?'
'I'm a scatterbrain, what can I say?'
'Dealing with you is going to be a trial, isn't it?'
'I'll put it on Skulduggery's tab. Go nuts.'
'I swear, Skulduggery, you either give me a straight answer or I'm going to the biggest dog you've ever seen and making him dig a hole and bury you in it.'
'Yes, well, vampires aren't known for being cute.'
'I thought girls were supposed to be tidy.'
'You'd be surprised by how many things we get away with that fall into the category of 'unlikely'.'
'Doors are for people with no imagination.'
'You are so annoying.'
''World's worst detective'?'
'Funny. I wouldn't have thought that a living skeleton would be such a skeptic.'
'I think I actually understood that. No, it's gone.'
'Fills me with confidence, that.'
'If you hear any screaming, that'll be me.'
'You ask an awful lot of questions.'
'And they say my generation has a short attention span.'
'Right. Guessing games are over.'
'Still a genius, Stephanie.'
'Now you know why I have difficulty keeping friends.'
'It's like digging up that grave, taking out the body, rifling through its pockets, and then dancing on the whole thing. It's a little more than disrespectful.'

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