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QUIZ: Can you name the Canadian Inventions?

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1Frederick Banting, Charles Best
2Alexander Graham Bell
3Henry Woodward, Mathew Evans
4Thomas F. Ryan
5Louise Poirier
6John Hopps, Wilfred Bigelow, John Callaghan
7Peter Robertson
8Gideon Sundback
9George Klein
10Fernand Lachance
11Harold Johns
12James Arthur Gosling
13Walter Chell
14Spar Aerospace/NRC
15Sandford Fleming
16James Hillier, Albert Prebus
17Armand Bombardier
18Mike Lazaridis
19Reginald Fessenden
20First Peoples
21James Naismith
22Steve Pasjack
23James Guillet
24CBC's Hockey Night In Canada
25Jacques Plante

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