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Can you name the TV Characters with the same name? (Nickname, First, or Last)?

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Incompetent Hospital Lawyer, Veridian Dyanmics' Moral Lead, and MacLaren's Matrimonial-Challenged Man
New York's Suited Hero, Friendly Purple Dinosaur, and Moe's Yellow Barfly
Strict Animated Principal, Miami's Flesh-Oriented Assassin, and an FBI Assistant-Director
The Bureau's Skeptical Paranormal Expert, a Homosexual Tennis Player, and CTU's Traiterous Analyst
A Magical Love Columnist, PS 118's Nerdy Fourth Grader, and New York's Wacky Vegetarian
New York's Friendly Ladies Man, Capeside's Romantic Teen, and San Francisco's Funniest Uncle
Rousing Morning News Anchor, Lanford's Frequently Absent Daughter, and Boston's Ambitious Bar Manager
Former Major-League Bartender, Los Angeles' Ex-Seal, and an Armageddon-Inducing Hunter
Sioux Falls' Crippled Hunter, New York's Controversial Detective, and the Youngest Son of the Bunch
Kansas's Damsel in Distress, Millbrook's Angriest Mom, and Quahog's Fallen Pewterschmidt
Rhode Island's Overweight Dim-witted Dad, the FBI's Con-Catcher, and Cambridge's Paranormal Jack-of-All-Trades
New York's Brooding Detective, a Reformed Soldier-of-Fortune, and Sacred Heart's Fast-Talking Doctor
Sacred Heart's Dominican Nurse, Boston's Most Famous Waitress, and Miami's Mysterious Handler
Miami's Black-Listed Hero, Fox River's Tattooed Inmate, and Scranton's Boss
Scranton's Cold Accountant, Jeffersonian Reconstructive Artist, and The Company's Precognitive Matriarch
The Island's Misplaced Lead, VP of East Coast Television, and the Government's Time-Sensitive Hero
Buy More's Best, NYC's Casanova, and a Sci-Fi Novelist & Prophet
The Most Batman Clone, LA's Drunken Promiscuous Writer, and the Caretaker of Arlen's Best Lawn
Miami's Cuban Sergeant, Warren Worthington III, and LA's Blood-Sucking Hero
Wolfram & Hart's Genius Investigator, a Stone Age Husband, and the Upper East Side's Neighborly Husband

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