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I'm a popular 'reality' show about the lives and relationships of a group of young adults
I am a long running procedural with numerous spin-offs
In each episode, a brilliant doctor solves a puzzling case while mocking everyone in sight
A large quantity of information is downloaded into my protagonist's head
Viewers tune in to see a government agency investigating supernatural occurrences
I follow an ex-CIA agent trying to save lives in a major US city
Premiering in 2006, I follow the production of a sketch comedy show
Law enforcement officials analyze behavior to catch criminals in my show
A woman solves a different mystery each week by talking to the departed
I follow a woman who was trained to be an assassin by a secret agency in her quest to destroy the organization
The jobs of my main characters involve hunting down paranormal beings
I'm about a group of strangers stranded on a remote island
A man returns to solving crimes after a hiatus that spanned several years following a tragic death
I'm about a fake psychic who aids law enforcement investigations
I am a long-running late night sketch show
I'm a remake of a show about a group of young adults from the 1990s
In this Brian Fuller dramedy, the main character talks to the recently deceased
I'm about a group seemingly peaceful humanoid aliens plan an invasion of earth
I'm a long-running primetime hospital drama
My protagonist tries to help the world while suppressing a muderous dark side
A family with magical powers stars in this action show
I follow an overweight drunkard, his attractive wife, and their three children
I'm about a law enforcement officer who is forced to team up with famed civilian novelist
I'm about a pair of opposites who live together
I'm follow a group of misfits in highschool
I'm about a group of misfits that must evade agents from 'The Company'
I'm about a young woman who falls in love with a benevolent blood sucker

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