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Can you name the members of the Heroes' families?

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Forced Order
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Petrelli Family
Father (Power Absorption) 
Mother (Precognitive Dreams) 
Sister (Weather Manipulation) 
Son (Empathic Mimicry) 
Son (Flight) 
Wife (None) 
Cheerleader's Family
Biological Mother (Pyrokinesis) 
Biological Father (Flight) 
Biological Uncle (Pyrokinesis) 
Adoptive Father (None) 
Adoptive Mother (None) 
The Cheerleader (Rapid Tissue Regeneration) 
Adoptive Brother (None) 
Linderman's Experiment
Grandmother (Power Enhancement) 
Father (Phasing) 
Mother (Super-human Strength) 
Sister (None/Unknown) 
Sister (Water and Ice Manipulation) 
Sister (Unknown) 
Son (Technopathy) 
Cousin (Adoptive Muscle Memory) 
Nakamura Family
Father (Heightened Probabilistic Deduction) 
Mother (Healing) 
Son (Time and Space Manipulation) 
Daughter (None Displayed Yet) 
Parkman Family
Father (Telepathy/Mind Control) 
Son (Telepathy/Mind Control) 
Wife (None) 
Grandson (Turn on and off electrical objects) 
Gray Family
Biological Father (Intuitive Comprehension) 
Adoptive Father (None) 
Adoptive Mother (None) 
Son (Intuitive Comprehension) 
Bishop Family
Father (Alchemy) 
Daughter (Electrical Manipulation) 
Suresh Family
Father (None) 
Son (Originally None, Later Heightened Physical Abilities) 
Daughter (Unknown) 

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