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Can you name the Famous F.B.I. Agents?

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This agent is a paranormal investigator with a brain full of Cortexiphan
This agent knew that the truth was out there
This agent only investigates elaborate cons
This agent primarily works with his brother, a mathematical genius
This agent ends up working with a mind reader to catch a serial killer
This agent's death leads to an international incident involving the United States, Russia, and the Islamic Republic of Kamistan
This agent lost his wife to a serial killer known as 'The Reaper'
This agent solves most of his cases by working with 'squints'
This agent has a long-standing relationship with the Navy and only grows a beard when he's going undercover
This agent left the FBI to become a crime scene investigator
This agent assists human polygraph machines
This agent must follow an ex-spy and report on his actions
This agent leads Mosaic
This agent is tasked with locating dolls
This agent narrowly escapes a group of hitmen with the help of a suspect she arrested
This agent operates as an assassine with a drug problem
This agent leads a team tasked with recovering missing persons
This agent investigates the supernatural and her own past in a small town in Maine
This agent specializes in catching serial killers and is called into help the Miami Metro Police Department
This agent is in charge of bringing down (while taking bribes) a notorious & corrupt lawyer
This hot-shot agent works closely with the Albuquerque's WitSec program
This agent forms a friendship with a mob boss
This agent specializes in talking down hostages
This agent winds up in trouble after trusting a stranger, but as Chance would have it, she's redeemed

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