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A Cardinal Direction
A Season
A Playing Card Suit
A Gospel From The New Testament
A Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
A Traditional Element
A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
A Chamber Of The Heart
A Teletubby
A Basic Arithmetic Operation
A Tennis Grand Slam Tournament
A Country Of The UK
A Member Of The Fantastic Four
A Member Of ABBA (First Name)
A G4 Member Nation
A Member Of The Beatles (First Name)
A Rocky Planet In The Solar System
A Indiana Jones Film
A Cardinal Virtue
A Temperament
A Humour
A Historical Capital Of China
A Province Of Ireland
A Galilean Moon Of Jupiter
A House Of Hogwarts
A Continent Of The World In 'A Song Of Ice & Fire'
A Country On The Horn Of Africa
A Country Beginning With 'D'
A President On Mt. Rushmore (Last Name)
A Capital Of A UK Country
A Item A Bride Should Wear (Something ___)
A National Language Of Switzerland
A Capital City On The River Danube
A European Country Beginning With 'B'
A Asian Country With A 4-Letter Name
A Modelling & Fashion Capital Of The World
A Country With Italian As An Official Language
A Child Of Queen Elizabeth II
A Olympic Swimming Stroke
A Natural Horse Gait
A Instrument In A Woodwind Quartet
A Californian City With A Population Of 800,000+
A Throwing Event In Track & Field
A Female English Monarch
A Baldwin Brother
A Country With A Disney Theme Park
A Section Of An Orchestra
A Gas Giant In The Solar System
A Four Corners State
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