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Can you name the places of British Columbia?

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Cat’s Rug 
Fishy Appendage 
Overcook a Honey Maker 
Shelter for a Panel Truck 
Soup Stream 
Automobile Shaft Circles 
To Woo a Joint 
Horse Drawn Buggy 
Big Utensils 
Cool Hit 
Tough Limb 
Bee’s Bum 
Dickens Character 
Former Queen 
Costello’s Chevy 
Bill's Pond 
Fuzzy Joint 
Sweet Dessert Bar 
Royal Boy 
Kootenay Fortress 
Towns / Villages
2000lb Monarch 
Noisy Dog Town 
All that Glitters is not 
Radioactive Hot Water 
Attack a Large Animal 
Mom in Rocking Chair 
Four Leaf Town 
You Can Say Anything Here 
Wide Awake Cove 
Premier’s Foot 
Set Fire to Water 
Mineral Creek 
A lot of Talking here 
District Municipalities
Sea Drops 
Gritty Saliva 
Not Strike Three 
Between Faith & Charity 
Century Home 
Transparent Fluid 
Syrup Edge 
A Sense of Purpose 
Landmarks / Water Bodies
Money River 
Bob’s Financial Institution 
Leaving Cove 
Exchange Footwear 
Devil’s Entrance 

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