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Can you name the El participi irregular ?

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AdmetreTo admit
AnarTo go
AparéixerTo appear
AtendreTo attend
BeureTo drink
CabreTo fit
CaureTo fall
CloureTo close
CobrirTo cover
CollirTo collect
ComplirTo carry out
ConéixerTo know
CórrerTo run
CoureTo cook
CréixerTo grow
CreureTo believe
Defendre To defend
Decebre To deceive, to disappoint
DirTo say
DissoldreTo dissolve
EixirTo exit
EntendreTo understand
EscriureTo write
EstablirTo establish
FerTo do
FondreTo melt
FugirTo flee
HaverTo have (aux.)
ImprimirTo print
MeréixerTo deserve
MoldreTo grind
MorirTo die
MoureTo move
NàixerTo be born
ObrirTo open
PondreTo lay
PrendreTo take
ResoldreTo resolve
RespondreTo respond
RiureTo laugh
RomandreTo remain (still, quiet, etc.)
SerTo be
SeureTo sit
SofrirTo suffer
TenirTo have
TraureTo draw
ValerTo cost
VéncerTo overcome
VendreTo come
VeureTo see
ViureTo live
VolerTo want

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