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QuestionTrue or False?
The colour of the universe is black
The Declaration of independence was signed on August 2 1776
Microwave Ovens cook from the inside out
An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain
Coca-Cola was originally green
Dogs can look up
The chicken came before the egg
Swallowed chewing gum stays in the body for up to 7 years
The sun is actually a star
Sushi means 'raw fish'
DNA is made from protein
Bats aren't blind
Shaving does not cause hair to grow back quicker
QuestionTrue or False?
The memory span of a goldfish is a few seconds
The colour red doesn't anger a bull
Humans evolved from chimpanzees
6 cows, 9 chickens and 12 humans have 66 legs
Humans have 5 senses
All starfish have 5 legs
Hair does not continue to grow after you die
Alcohol directly kills brain cells
Vegetarian diet can provide enough protein
Eating less than an hour before swimming causes cramps
A penny dropped from the Empire State Building will kill a person if hit
Lightning strikes the same place twice

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