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What is the demonym given to someone from Bristol? 
What is the post code for Bristol and its surrounding areas? 
What rank is Bristol in the UK based on a population of approximately 450,000? 
Which currency launched in 2012 and is now the UK's largest local currency?  
The confluence of which two rivers occurs in the centre of Bristol? 
Along with the University of Bristol, what is the other university present in the city? 
Which motorway, one of Britain's shortest at 4.4 miles long, links the M4 to Bristol City Centre? 
What is the English translation of Bristol's motto, Virtute et Industria? 
Name the landmark in the images (i) that spans the Avon Gorge to join Bristol with Somerset 
Name the building in the images (ii) above that is a landmark of the city and of Bristol University 
Name the ship in the images (iii), designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and the first iron steamer to cross the Atlantic 
Which church, in the images above (iv), in the city was described by Queen Elizabeth I as 'the fairest, goodliest, and most famous parish church in England'? 
Which large natural landmark that cuts through a limestone ridge, forms the boundary between Somerset and Bristol? 
Opened in 1840, what is Bristol's oldest and largest train station? 
Which ship, a replica of which is found in the Floating Harbour, was sailed by John Cabot in 1497 to North America? 
Open Spaces
What public area in the centre is home to At-Bristol's Planetarium as well as a BBC Big Screen? 
What name is given to the two large open areas at the top of Whiteladies Road, home to its own football league? 
Which open space in the city has the remains of Bristol Castle as well as two churches ruined during WWII? 
What is the name of the large country house and estate to the west of Bristol? 
Which name is given to the underpass at St James Barton Roundabout? 
Which park and gardens near the centre is the home of Cabot Tower? 
The Bristol International ___ Fiesta, held annually at Ashton Court, features what? 
Which museum of Bristol's history is located on the harbourside in a former transit shed? 
What is the name of the old cargo ship, now nightclub, found in the Floating Harbour? 
What is the international arts centre and gallery located on the harbourside? 
Which concert hall in the city is due to be renamed after controversy about its current one? 
Which stadium in the southwest of the city is home to Bristol City F.C and Bristol Rugby? 
What is the name of the famous graffiti artist thought to hail from Bristol and whose art is found all over the city? 
Which band formed in the city in 1988 and had hits such as 'Teardrop' and 'Unfinished Sympathy'? 
What animation studio, based in the city, gave us Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep and others? 
Which blackcurrant flavoured soft drink was created and originally made in Bristol? 
Which famous supersonic passenger jet was built in Filton, north of Bristol? 
Which popular road in the city has one of the longest rows of independent shops in Europe? 
Which street in Bristol has City Hall at the bottom of it, with Banksy's 'Naked Man' also found along it? 
What is the name of the market off Corn Street, known for its variety of food stalls? 
The Port of Bristol which was historically in the city centre is now located where? 
What is the name of the shopping centre in Broadmead, named after the Italian explorer who was associated with Bristol? 

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