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Can you name the answers to these geography questions where all answers begin with 'O'?

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Which Canadian province, capital Toronto, is the most populous?
Which airport located in Chicago is the second busiest in the US?
What is Japan's third largest city by population, being the capital city of a prefecture of the same name?
Which Siberian river is the fifth longest in the world, forming a system with the Irtysh?
Can you name the country whose flag is in the images above?
Which UV absorbing region of the stratosphere has a hole above Antarctica?
What capital city is the third most northerly?
What is the name of the archipelago just North of Scotland?
Can you name the water body in the images above?
Which region is separated into the North (Russia) and South (Georgia) by the Caucasus mountains?
What acronym is used for the international oil cartel, comprised of 12 oil-rich nations?
What word is used to describe the Western world, as opposed to the 'Oriental' Eastern World?
Which city in Washington, its capital, shares its name with a city in ancient Greece?
What Ukrainian city is its third most populous and the capital of the oblast of the same name?
Can you name the island in the images above?
What city, the largest in Nebraska, is named after the Native American tribe that originally lived in the land?
Which Japanese prefecture is the southernmost and is comprised of the Ryukyu Islands?
What is the capital of Burkina Faso?
Which US State is known as the 'Sooner State'?
Can you name the geographical feature in the images above?

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