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Can you name the answers to these geography questions where all answers begin with 'I'?

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Which island, the third largest in Europe, lies to the west of Great Britain?
Which river 3,180 km long flows almost entirely through Pakistan?
What peninsula in Europe is largely comprised of Portugal and Spain?
Can you name the country whose outline is in the images above?
Which US state is known as the 'Gem State'?
Which city, Europe's most populous, was previously known as Byzantium, then Constantinople?
Which country did the colony 'Dutch East Indies' become following WWII?
What is the alternative name given to 'Côte d'Ivoire'?
Can you name the country whose flag is in the images above?
Which indigenous people inhabit northern USA, Canada and Greenland?
Which city, a host of the Winter Olympics, is the capital of the Austrian state Tyrol?
Can you name the body of water in the images above?
What name is given to a narrow strip of land that connects two larger land areas?
Which city is the capital of the 'Crossroads of America'?
What sea lies between Southern Italy and Greece?
Can you name the Philadelphia landmark in the image above?

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