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Can you name the answers to these geography questions where all answers begin with 'H'?

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Which southern English county has a US state named after it?
What is the name of the largest city in Vietnam, once called Saigon?
Which former British colony became a special administrative region of China in 1997?
The name of which Dutch region is sometimes used to refer to the Netherlands as a whole?
Can you name the lake shown in the image above?
Which eastern US river has its mouth in New York Harbor?
Which mountain range was formed from the collision of the Indian plate into the Eurasian plate?
What is the state capital and largest city of Tasmania, Australia?
Can you name the country whose outline is in the image above?
Which British landmark is 73 miles long and was built to separate the Romans from the Picts?
Which Caribbean island comprises Haiti and the Dominican Republic?
What is the capital of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia?
Can you name the weather event in the image above?
Which archipelago off the west coast of Scotland is comprised of two groups: the Inner and Outer?
Which city is the largest in Texas and the fourth-largest in the US?
Can you name the country whose flag is in the image above?

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