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Can you name the answers to these geography questions where all answers begin with 'C'?

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What is the name of the world's largest inland body of water, situated in west Asia?
Which US State meets three others at a famous quadripoint?
Which of South Africa's three capitals is the seat of the parliament?
Which 'Tropic' currently lies 23° 26′ 16″S of the equator?
Can you name the country whose passport is in the images above?
What is the name given to the lines on a topographic map that show elevation?
What was Sri Lanka formerly known as pre-1972?
In terms of passenger number, which airport is France's largest and the world's 6th?
Which British overseas territory in the Caribbean is a major offshore financial centre?
Can you name the country whose flag is in the images above?
Which neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro is best known for its famous beach of the same name?
What is the name of the most southerly English county?
Which mountain range in eastern Europe/western Asia has Mount Elbrus as its highest peak?
What is the name given to the study of map-making?
Can you name the US State whose outline is in the images above?
What is the name given to a steep-sided feature formed by river-erosion?
Which state in northwest Mexico, which borders the USA, is Mexico's largest (by area)?
Which city was the capital of many empires and is now known as Istanbul?
Which French island lies north of Sardinia, in the Mediterranean Sea?
Can you name the landmark in the images above?

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