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Can you name the answers to these geography questions where all answers begin with 'A'?

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What is the name of the mountain chain in north Africa, whose highest peak is Toubkal?
What Canadian province has the capital of Edmonton?
Which is the world's largest peninsula, with an area of 3,237,500 km2?
Which continent is host to the world's largest desert?
Can you name the sea in the map above?
Which waterfall, also being the world's highest at 979m, is located in Venezuela?
What is the currency used in Afghanistan?
The Acropolis is found in which European city?
Which Caribbean island forms a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands?
Can you name the country whose flag is in the images above?
What sandstone feature in central Australia is also known as 'Uluru'?
What is the name of the tallest mountain in South America?
Which major river accounts for a fifth of the world's total river flow?
What name is given to coral reefs, examples of which form the Maldives?
Can you name the landmark from the images above?
What name is given to the feature in South America that is thought to be the driest of its kind?
What is the name given to a cluster or group of islands?
What is the third most spoken of South Africa's eleven official languages?
What is the name of the group of Portuguese islands near the mid-Atlantic Ocean?
Can you name the country whose outline is in the images above?

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