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Beta-lactam (Penicillin)First Oral Penicillin
Abminister with beta lactamsinhibits dehydropeptidase in renal tubule
Streptogramins50s inh. elongation
MacrolideBind 50s blocking pep bond form. Legionella
Anti viral drugType of Cytokine used to decrease prolif and increase immune resp.
DMARDOld drug. May affect macrophages
PDEINon selective
Anti fungalblocks ^14 reduction & ^7-8 isomerisation
New HAART classFuzeon
QuinoloneInhibit Topoisomerase 2 - racemic
Beta adrenoceptor agonistLong duration forms depot in membrane and leaks to R
ATSVitamin inh. Liver TG prod. and VLDL secr. also in in tobacco
Chain terminatormost common antiviral, type of NNRRI
Adamantanes (M2 inh)Name one
Azole/TriazoleInh. Lanosterol 14a demethylase
RifamycinTB binds RNA polymerase
Cell Wall SynthPrevents D-Ala-D-Ala assembly
ArthopodName one
Cephalosporin 3rd Generationi.v. Meningitis & G -ve
ImmunotherapyAnti TNF recombinant receptor
ImmunotherapyAnti TNF ab Humanised
NSAIDAnti inflammatory
Beta-lactam (Monobactam)i.m. or i.v. for septicaemia or complicated UTI
Nucleic Acid InhibitorsDihydropterate Synthetase
Anti fungalInterferes with tubulin. Old
Cephalosporin 3rd Generationi.v. Meningitis & G -ve
 bind Elongation Factor G
5-LO inh.Block LT formation
Affects Eicosanoid StructureIn diet, Fish
Beta-lactamase inhibitorCoamoxyclav
2nd Line TBName 1
Beta-lactam (Penicillin)Definition of resistance in MRSA
Beta-lactam (Imipenem)Broad spectrum of anaerobes and aerobes
DMARDAdministrered as a salt. Old drug.
ImmunosuppressantNo grapefruit
LT inh. Blocks specific LTs
ImmunotherapyAnti ICAM
AminoglycosideAnti TB Ototoxic
Anti fungalPokes holes in membrane
 Broad Spec. binds 50s blocking pep bond form
ImmunotherapyANti IL1R
Glycopeptidebind D-Ala-D-Ala
DMARDSounds like a malaria drug
Anti ParasiticBlock neurone ion channel - Filarial Nematodes
TB drugMycolic Acid Inhibitor
Anti Parasiticalters Ca2+ memb. perm. - Flukes, Tapeworms
AllylamineSqualene epoxidase inh.
Anti Parasiticuncouples Oxidative Phosphorylation - Tapeworms
Lincosamide50s prevent aa forming pep bond
MucolyticName one
Anti-inflammatoryUsed in Meningitis
Beta adrenoceptor agonistLong duration diffuses laterally in memb to interact with R
QuinoloneLast resort quinolone
CromonesMast Cell stabilisers
Musc. AntagonistNo selective
ATSDrug class inhibit HMG CoA reductase - name one
Cell Membrane DisruptionMycoplasma & Chlamydia
MMP blockTrialled in RA
New HAART classMeraviroc
NitroimidazoleAnaerobes and Parasites. Affects NA synth.
Beta-lactamase inhibitorSulphur
HAART classZidovudine, Didanosine, Zalcitabine, Stavudine, Lamivudine, Abacavir
DecongestantName one
GlucocorticoidName one
Cephalosporin 2nd Generationi.m. G +ve & G -ve
Beta-lactamase inhibitorBromine
Fungal efflux InhibitorBegins Mil
QuinoloneInhibit DNA gyrase
Beta-lactam (Penicillin)First Penicillin
Administer with beta lactamsdecrease kidney secretion
HAART classSaquinavir, Ritonavir,Indinavir, Nelfinavir
Beta adrenoceptor agonistShort Duration
Musc. AntagonistM3 selective
Glycopeptidebind D-Ala-D-Ala
ATSClass of anti ATS, inh. PPARa and inc. Lipoprot. Lipase
LipopeptideDepolarise membrane
Neuraminidase InhName one
TB drugIncrease Cell wall perm
ImmunotherapyAnti TNF antibody
HAART classNevirapine, Delavirdine, Efavirenz
NSAIDPainkiller & Gastric Side Effects
ATSGrab secreted bile acids - name one
Anti fungalRNA & DNA biosynthesis
Type4 PDEIAnti inflammatory
Anti Parasiticblock microtubule assembly and Glu uptake - Tapeworms and Intest. Nematodes
DMARDInhibit dihydrofolate reductase
EchinocandinsInh. 1,3b D-glucan synthase
Cephalosporin 1st GenerationOral Gram Positive
TetracyclineInhibit tRNA binding on 30s and peptide release
OxazolidinoneWorks on VRE and MRSA
Nucleic Acid InhibitorsDihydrofolate Reducatase
ImmunotherapyAnti IgE (Mast Cell sensitiser Igs)
Cell Wall SynthBactoprenol Inhibitor
AminoglycosideSee above begins with Ge
Anti Parasiticblock neurotransmitter, administered with Sennosides - Roundworms, Pinworms
Beta-lactam (Penicillin)Broad Spec, Oral Common Penicillin
TB drugFAS1 inh.
ImmunotherapyAnti IL-6 (begins with T)

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