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Its callin my body, its callin my soul
Lookin at ya day after day, I know I
I wish that i could run that back, But in life you can press rewind
Its 8:30, I know my baby's kinda worried
And I wanna erase, but i cant stop seein your face
Shawty you should leave out the club wit me, Right after this song
I gotta stay true, cuz deep down im still a G
And even tho this aint right, I just cant get enough
Your face is amazing, blazin, hot like cajan
While I be bangin on yo body, they be bangin on our wall
Seen you at the club ouu shawty, Walkin past a ni**a lookin at me all naughty
It gets lonely, in this business, need a homie, who tha realist
When you be home, Do you sometimes get so, Frustrated cuz he wanna stay too long
Since we in the club for now,Might as well get another round
804 335 0051
Girl yo body's talkin and im lovin what she said
Who knew our love would ever be, Called a memory
Oh how I yearn for your touch I'm so lonely now that you left me
And forever you can holla at me
And i dont wanna sleep if you aint here

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