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What street does Rodney first tell Cassandra he lives down?
What is Uncle Albert's full name?
Which painting of Rodney's does Del enter into a Mega Flakes competition?
What is the bouncer called in the Casino in the episode Chain Gang?
How much does Grandad pay for a canary?
Which burger does Rodney buy grandad instead of an Emperor Burger?
What was the name of the con man in the episode 'Chain gang'?
List the three places written on Del's Reliant Robin?
What is the name of Del's friend who moved to Australia?
What is the name of the dog that Del gets to keep Rodney company whilst guarding the bus garage?
What was the name of the band that Rodney played in?
Which footballer does Rodney mention as he kicks a football to Del in 'The Jolly Boys' Outing'?
What was the name of the hairdresser Del got when he expected one of the “dolly birds”?
What is the name of the nightclub where Tony Angelino and Raquel perform in 'Stage Fright'?

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