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Country of OriginCompanyEtymology
NetherlandsInitials of the Dutch words for 'All will benefit from united co-operation' and literally means 'the fir tree'
ItalyThe initials of the Italian words for 'Metal Enamelling Factory'
JapanDerived from the tallest mountain in Japan and a synonym for movie
AustriaThe first, middle and last letters of the German word for 'Peppermint'
United States of AmericaCo-founder's favourite fruit, previously worked at an orchard in which this fruit was grown
United States of AmericaInitials of Donna Karan and the fourth most populous state in the US
JapanDerived from the Latin for 'sound' or an American slang term for an energetic youngster
United States of AmericaDerived from the name of a creek near Los Altos, CA
SwitzerlandFounder's surname or, when unaccented, 'Bird's Nest' in Swabian diminutive
South KoreaKorean for 'Great House' or 'Great Universe'
Country of OriginCompanyEtymology
United KingdomNamed after the brothers Harold C. and Wallace Humphrey
United States of AmericaMisspelling of the number which equates to 10 to the power of 100
SpainAcronym of 'Spanish Corporation of Touring Cars' in Spanish
FranceNamed after a young chemist's new hair dye, named Auréole.
SwedenLatin for 'I roll'
BrazilThe first few letters of each word in 'Brazilian Aeronautics Company' in Portuguese
ItalyAcronym of 'Italian Automobile Factory of Turin' in Italian
SwedenInitials of the founder and the village he grew up in: Elmtaryd Agunnaryd
South KoreaHanja script for 'Rising from Asia'
FranceThe surname of the company's French-Dutch founder; André-Gustave ___

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