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1. In this place in the north of the city you will find guns, and it is also the name of a Premier League football team
2. Sherlock Holmes lives in this street
3. Area in the south of the city famous for both it's dogs home and it's power station
4. Bell which you will find inside a famous clock tower located at #24
5. Patriotic museum
6. Where the Queen lives
7. Famous skyscraper located within an area which shares it's name, which is within a part of London mentioned at #15
8. This area of west London is famous for it's buns, girls and pensioners, and it is also home to a Premier League football team
9. Busiest mainline railway station, in terms of rail traffic
10. Someone from the east of the city
11. Apples and pears, for example
12. Famous market near Leicester Square
13. Part of the #31 which crosses the #43
14. Part of the #31 which passes underneath the #43
15. Area of the city which is famous for it's light railway network
16. Big, red, has four wheels and around 70 seats
17. Street where the PM lives
18. T.V. soap which is set in the east of the city
19. Southern terminus of the Bakerloo line which is often shortened to just the first word, which is an animal
20. Street where numerous newspaper companies used to be based
21. Area of the city which #48's are associated with
22. Famous department store located in Knightsbridge
23. The city's main airport
24. Where MP's gather
25. Place in which both #24 and #30 are located
26. The city's largest park
27. Busy railway station and junction which is named after a famous bridge
28. You get a good view of the city from this landmark, which is reminiscent of a ride at the fairground, and it has existed since the turn of the 21st Century
29. Place in the city where you will find animals
30. Famous cricket ground, also something located at #25
31. Orbits the greater area
32. You see lots of lookalikes here
33. You can walk under it, and the first word of it's name is an object which children play with
34. Most expensive street on Monopoly
35. Name of the city's police force
36. Name of the city's main police H.Q.
37. Least expensive street on Monopoly
38. Major sporting event taking place in the city this year
39. Busiest shopping street
40. Brunel built this station, and it is also the name of a fictional bear
41. Area of the city which Del Boy is associated with
42. You see lots of neon advertising here
43. Flows through the city
44. Famous place of worship
45. Einstein's museum
46. Place which is famous for it's pubs and clubs
47. New art gallery
48. Black, has four wheels, and are associated with an area mentioned at #21
49. Stops the city from being flooded
50. Famous bridge with two towers either side of it
51. Famous square in which you will find Nelson's Column
52. Means of travelling underneath the city
53. Busiest #52 station, it is also the name of a #52 line, a mainline railway station, and it is additionally the name of both the longest-reigning monarch, and David Beckham's wi
54. Busiest mainline railway station in terms of passengers, it is named after a battle, and it is also the name of an ABBA song
55. Area in which #25 is located
56. Famous street who's telephone exchange used to be 1212

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