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QUIZ: Can you name the things associated with football (u.s.) 2 - k?

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Forced Order
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It happens 2 minutes before the end of each half
Occasionally teams attempt this after a TD, and it is worth 2 points
Offensive sub-formation which includes an extra WR
Common defensive formation with three players on the line of scrimmage
Offensive sub-formation which includes two extra WR's
Common defensive formation with four players on the line of scrimmage
Defensive formation which was popular with the Chicago Bears during the 80's
NFL team of the 80's
Offensive sub-formation which includes three extra WR's
Length of one quarter
Line marking the start of the redzone
Length of time given on the play clock after a stoppage
Length of time given on the play clock after either a pass completion or a rushing play
Line halfway between the endzones
Total length of one game
Name given to the winners of the AFC
Game which decides the above
Division which includes the New England Patriots
Division which includes the Pittsburgh Steelers
Division which includes the Houston Texans
Divsion which includes the Oakland Raiders
Jersey which road teams usually wear
What the sport is known as in the u.k.
Name of the conference which is mainly made up of teams who were created post 1960
Name for an artificial playing surface
What either the QB or the defensive leader can call if they want to change their playcall
Players who line up behind the linemen
Name for a second or third-string player
Object in which kickers place the ball in prior to kickoffs, in order to stop the ball from blowing away from it's original spot
What the QB usually does before snapping the ball
What Head Coaches usually wear on their head
Team formally known as the 'Monsters of the Midway'
Offensive sub-formation which includes an extra TE
Name for when the defense are hurrying the QB
Name describing a situation where the defense stop a kick or punt from traveling beyond the line of scrimmage
Play where the QB throws the ball downfield for very long yardage
Play where the QB attempts to run towards the sidelines without throwing the ball
NFL team from Denver
A team's week off
This is normally used to carry injured players off of the field
Offensive position abbreviated as C
Object(s) used by the officials to measure whether or not the offense have moved the ball far enough for a first down
What a Head Coach can do if they are not happy with the referee's decision
Young women who stand on the sidelines dancing and waving pom-poms, also the Dallas Cowboys have the most famous ones
Item of money which is not a bill, and which is used for the event described below
Method of deciding who chooses to kick or recieve at either the beginning of the game or at the beginning of overtime
Name describing a situation where the QB manages to connect with the receiver during a passing play
The NFL has two of these
Penultimate round of the playoffs
Award given to the team with the best record within the conference at the end of the regular season
Defensive position abbreviated as CB
Area within the stadium which companies buy so that their highest-paid employees can watch the game in comfort
Name which refers to how the defense spread their players across the field
America's team
Opposite of offense
Person who is in charge of the above
Defensive position abbreviated as DE
Defensive position abbreviated as DT
Phrase describing a situation where the offense fail to snap the ball before the play clock reaches zero
Defensive formation which is named after a 10 cent coin
Name of a play where the RB runs straight ahead
There are four of these in each NFL conference
Award for the team who wins their division
Second round of the playoffs
NFL team from Miami
Name for an indoor stadium
The numbers 1, 2, 3 or 4 which are displayed on a board by a person standing on the sidelines
Name for when the offense are advancing the ball towards the opposing endzone
Name describing a series of plays where the same team are in possession
Name for things such as 'pass interference' or 'spearing'
Area which is beyond the goal line
Name for a team which is newly created for the purpose of increasing the number of teams within the league
Something that the punt returner does when not wishing to attempt returning the ball for positive yardage
Name for a play where the offense appear to be attempting a field goal, but then they either pass or run the ball
Name for a play where the offense appear to be making a passing play, but then the QB runs with the ball downfield
Name for a play where the offense appear to be attempting a punt, but then they either pass or run the ball
Name for a play where the QB pretends to hand the ball to the RB, but then throws the ball downfield
Penalty which occurs when an ineligible offensive player moves before the ball is snapped
People who cheer on their favorite team
Name for the area on which football is played
A score where the ball is kicked between the uprights, and is worth 3 points
What the offense are awarded with after advancing the ball 10 or more yards
Name for someone who is not a backup player
What the officials throw onto the field in order to signal a penalty
Name for a WR who stands approximately one yard behind the other WR's, and also closer to the offensive linemen
Object which is oval in shape, and usually colored brown, it is also what the sport is called in the u.s.
Down on which the offense usually punt the ball
Alternative name for a team which plays in the NFL
Offensive position abbreviated as FB
Name for when the ball carrier drops the ball
What the sport is known as in Latin America
Phrase describing a situation where an offensive player advances beyond the line of scrimmage
A contest between two teams
Timer which counts downwards from 15:00 to 00:00 during either a quarter or a period of overtime
NFC team from New York
Name for the markings on the field, and is also what football is called in Australia
Line between the redzone and the endzone, or the name of a defensive formation usually applied when the offense are very close to the end zone
Natural playing surface
Offensive position abbreviated as G
What the referee uses to signal the end of either the quarter, half or game
Last-gasp attempt which is made by the offense of the losing team
Two quarters equals this
Offensive position abbreviated as HB
Intermission which occurs midway through the game
Event which often occurs during the above, particularly during the Super Bowl
Name describing the process of the QB giving the ball to the RB
Name describing the period of time which the ball is in the air during a punt
Short markings which are one yard apart, and which are located either side of but close to the center of the field
Person in charge of the entire team
What players wear to protect their heads
Offensive penalty which often occurs at the line of scrimmage
Record which refers to games which are won, lost or tied but not on the road
Jersey which is normally worn by the home team
Team which is not playing on the road
What the best two teams in each conference are awarded with in the second round of the playoffs
Place within the stadium where fans may purchase beverages or hot snacks
What the players of both teams normally do between each play
Offensive formation where the backs line up behind each other
Secondary unit of measurement which is used in football
Phrase describing a situation where the QB fails to connect with the receiver during a passing play
Something that happens which usually results in having to rest a player
Name for a game between two teams from opposing conferences
Name for when the defense catch the ball after it has been thrown by the opposing QB
What players wear to cover the top part of their body
Offensive sub-formation which includes two extra TE's
Player who attempts either a Field Goal or a PAT
What happens at the start of either half, or after a conversion

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