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Play where the QB throws the ball sideways
Imaginary line that exists between the offense and defense at the start of each play
Defensive position abbreviated as L
Players who line up either side of the line of scrimmage
First part of an NFL team name
This usually appears either on the side of a player's helmet, or within either of the home team's endzones
Name of the trophy which is awarded to the winners of the NFL
Record which is abbreviated as 'L'
Phrase describing a situation where the offensive player is tackled behind the line of scrimmage
Phrase describing a play where the defensive backfield tightly follow the offensive receivers
Person who dresses up (usually as an animal) as somebody/something who is associated with the team's nickname
Object which either the referee or the coaches speak into, for the purposes of amplifying their voices
Famous former QB who played for the San Francisco 49ers during the 80's
Record which indicates how many games are won, lost or tied outside of the respective team's conference
Conference which is mainly made up of original NFL teams
Name of the #1 pro football league in the U.S.
Name given to the winners of the NFC
Game which decides the above
Division which includes the New York Giants
Division which includes the Chicago Bears
Division which includes the Atlanta Falcons
Division which includes the San Francisco 49ers
Event in April where the teams can pick new players ready for the following season
Defensive formation which is named after a 5-cent coin
Second part of an NFL team name
Phrase describing an offense which is playing in 'hurry up' mode, either because the team is losing, or in order to 'tire out' the opposing defense
Name of an offensive sub-formation which does not include any additional WR's or TE's
Play where the RB attempts to run either to the left or to the right of the offensive line
Opposite of defense
Person in charge of the above
People who are in charge of making sure the game runs smoothly
Penalty which occurs if a player is on the wrong side of the line of scrimmage
What the losing team usually attempt to do during the dying minutes of the game
Phrase describing a stadium which is neither a dome nor has a retractable roof
Name describing a play where the offense may choose to either pass or run
Phrase describing a situation where the ball crosses either one of the sidelines or the back of the endzone
This occurs after the final gun if the game is tied
Team who play in the NFL's smallest city
What players wear underneath their uniform as a means of protection
What players wear in order to cover the bottom part of their body
Area within the stadium grounds where the fans leave their cars
Defensive penalty which occurs when a player carries out an infringement involving the WR
Play where the QB throws the ball downfield
NFL team from New England
Name for when the offense gains or loses yardage following an infringement
Record which is an indicator of the ratio of wins to losses
Famous former Bears linebacker nicknamed 'The Fridge'
Nickname for a football
Name describing either a pass, run, kick or punt
Object in which a team's various offensive or defensive plays are listed
What the offensive or defensive co-ordinator does before each play
Timer which allows either 25 or 40 seconds for the offense to snap the ball
The WR when he completes a 50-yard pass, or the RB when he makes a 20-yard run, for example
This occurs after the regular-season
What teams usually attempt after a TD, and is worth 1 point
Record which indicates how many points a team has allowed in total during the regular-season
Record which indicates how many points a team has scored in total during the regular-season
Route where the WR runs downfield, then makes a cut towards the center of the field
Event which occurs before the start of the game
Game which is played in order to warm-up for the regular-season
Game which involves the best players from each conference, and is played one week prior to the Super Bowl
Museum in Canton, Ohio which celebrates the history of football
Offensive sub-formation which includes two RB's who stand behind and to either side of the QB
What the offense usually do on fourth down
Player who punts the ball
Object which is used in order to mark the four corners of the field
Player who is in charge of the offense, and who also throws the ball downfield
Play which the offense carry out in order to run the clock down
Play where the QB attempts to run forwards
NFL team from Oakland
NFL team from Washington
Name for when the defense picks up the ball after the offense commits a fumble, or after they intercept a pass
Area between the 20-yard line and the goal line
Name of the main official
Game which counts towards the league standings
Name for a stadium roof which can be opened or closed
Record which refers to games which are won, lost or tied but not at home
Play where the QB runs towards the sidelines before throwing the ball
What either the offensive or defensive backfield have to follow during each play
Offensive player who carries the ball downfield
Offensive play where the RB attempts to run with the ball
Name for when the QB is tackled behind the line of scrimmage
Defensive position abbreviated as S, or a score worth 2 points where either the offense is tackled within their own endzone, or the defense recovers the ball and is then tackled wi
Top RB who formerly played for the Detroit Lions
Electronic equipment within the stadium which displays information about both the game in progress and other scores from around the league
Down which occurs after a First Down
Name for a defensive player on the back row
What players wear in order to protect their lower limbs
Type of footwear which football players wear on their feet
Offensive formation where the QB lines up several yards behind the center
Name of either of the two lines which run the length of the field, and which marks the boundary
Offensive formation where there is only one RB
What the center does with the ball at the start of a play
An offensive or defensive unit which runs onto the field prior to a kick or punt
Venue where football games take place
Name which refers to the league, conference or division tables
Nickname for the defense of the Pittsburgh Steelers during the 70's
NFL team from Pittsburgh
What players wear on their feet underneath their shoes
NFL game which decides the World Champion
Offensive position abbreviated as T, or something which the defense often do to the ball carrier in order to end a play
Event which the fans participate in for an hour or two before each game
Name for a group of players
Something which occurs after most kickoffs, conversions and turnovers, and also during the 2-minute warning, and both before the start of and after the end of each half
Down which is also often referred to as 'Nickel Down'
Regular-season game in which both teams have equal scores at the end of overtime, and is also a record which is abbreviated as 'T'
Offensive position abbreviated as TE
What coaches can call in order to pause the game, and each team are allowed to use up to three of these per half
Action where the QB throws the ball to the RB both backwards and to the left or right
Name for a score which occurs when the ball is either carried across the plane of the opposing goal line by the offense, or is caught by the offensive receiver within the opposing
Name for when there is a change of possession between teams (excluding punt returns)
Phrase describing a change in possession following fourth down (excluding punts)
Referee's main assistant
Name for the apparel which the players of each team wears during the game
Name for when the offensive player in possession of the ball is being pushed backwards, or when the defense is returning the ball towards the opposing endzone
Structure which exists at either end of the field
Name for the team who are not playing at home
Offense invented by the San Francisco 49ers during the 80's, which mainly involves short passing plays
What the referee uses to signal either the end of a play or a stoppage in the game
Offensive position abbreviated as WR
First round of the playoffs
Record which is abbreviated as 'W'
Object which is used to indicate both the strength and direction of the wind, for the benefit of both kickers and punters
Name given to the winners of the Super Bowl
Main unit of measurement which is used in football
The markings which make up part of the 'gridiron' and which are placed at 5-yard intervals
Short lines which are placed at one-yard intervals
The numbers 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 which are painted on the field
Name describing a play where the defensive backfield move within the confines of one portion of the field

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