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1. It is often seen in #39
2. #5 used to ring this before starting off
3. You ride this
4. Where #11 sits
5. Former assistant of #11
6. Where #3s are stored
7. You see this on the front of the #3 (D_ b_ or D_ d_)
8. The #3 runs on this (D_)
9. It opens or shuts
10. You see lots of these in London
11. A #3 would go nowhere without this (D_)
12. A #3 would go nowhere without this also (E_)
13. Where you would go to find out what #3 to catch
14. You need this to buy a #34
15. A #29 may be seen holding on to this (G_ h_ or S_)
16. A #29 may also be seen holding on to this (G_ p_)
17. You won't want to see this person if you haven't bought a #34
18. Where you wait for the #3 (L_-b_)
19. The #11 must follow this
20. It tells you where the #3's go
21. You see this on the front of the #3 also (L_/R_ n_)
22. You should find some of these in #23
23. Where you should put #22
24. You may see tourists riding on these
25. Someone who rides the #3
26. The #11 has to adhere to this
27. You hope to get one of these during the rush hour
28. Where you also wait for the #3 (Sh_)
29. What you would be if you can't get a #27
30. Somewhere else where you wait for the #3 (Sta_)
31. It is round (S_ w_)
32. An additional place where you wait for the #2 (Sto_)
33. You must get off here
34. You need one of these to ride the #3
35. It dispenses #34's
36. The #3 also runs on this (T_)
37. It is also round (W_)
38. You occasionally see one of these in #39
39. It always seems to be occupied by either a #1 or a #29
40. You can look out of this

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