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How many millions of years ago was the last major extinction?Type a numerical entry (for example, 01)
What major organism appeared in the Holocene Epoch?-
How many eras are there?Type a numerical entry (for example, 01)
What eon were the first shells found?-
We live in the ____________ Period.-
What period did the first vertebrates appear?-
How many eras are in the Phanerozoic Eon?Type a numerical entry (for example, 01)
How many periods are in the Mesozoic Era?Type a numerical entry (for example, 01)
QuestionYour AnswerHint
What period did reptiles first appear? -
List one era from the Phanerozoic Eon.-
What era did the first multicelled organisms appear?-
The Tertiary Period is in which era?-
The earliest rocks were first dated back to which eon?-
Land plant fossils were first dated back to which period?-
Which period did the tiger first appear?A tiger is a mammal.

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