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Can you name the Transformational or Charismatic Leader?

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ClueLeaderStyle of Leadership
'Why stand when you can sit'Charismatic
Convinced others to killCharismatic
CEO despite having severe dyslexiaCharismatic
'This is Sparta!'Charismatic
Refused to acknowledge Jesse Owens after he won a gold medalCharismatic
Baltimore new anchor before I hit it bigCharismatic
I guaranteed I would beat the ColtsCharismatic
Cassius ClayCharismatic
I once played a teenage-werewolf basketball starCharismatic
I broke Elvis's record for most #1 albumsCharismatic
ClueLeaderStyle of Leadership
'Be the change you want to see in the world'Transformational
'Save money, Live better'Transformational
Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry ice creamTransformational
I have thirteen ringsTransformational
CEO who was fired from his companyTransformational
Elected in 1860, hates playsTransformational
I threw 'The Catch'Transformational
I retired 3 timesTransformational
Only President to serve more than two termsTransformational
Marilyn Monroe sang happy birthday to meTransformational

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