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Can you name the Words with 3 or more vowels where the vowels appear in alphabetical order?

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A room/area in a home to eat or relax during warm months
1988 Paula Abdul song with a video that featured Arsenio Hall
To bring up something, such as during a conversation
Popular breakfast topping/condiment
Sharp or bitter in tone or taste
10th Astrological sign
Having a pleasant or evocative taste
Period of time when college males try to join the greek organization of their choice
To eat quickly; to destroy
He played the male lead in the High School Musical movies
Heavy metal element with atomic number 48; highly poisonous
Cartoon character who's dad is Homer
First name of NBA star nicknamed AK-47
Sweet treat that you can blow bubbles with
Dedicated to one's religion
A top award at a competition; title of 2000 mockumentary
A word to describe rare metals or gems; title character of a 2009 movie
H1H1 flu was declared this
Last name of French chemist who produced first rabies vaccine
Even those who don't speak the language know this means 'good bye'
Movie actor with 25+ year career and famous brother Kevin
Nicole Kidman won an Oscar for her role in this movie
How you can respond if offered food but don't have an appetite
The act of treating someone especially well; coddling
First two words of famous proverb '____ _____, want not'
Second single from Eminem's 'The Slim Shady LP'

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