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Can you find the given name of the BTS member hidden in each sentence?

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HintGiven Name
I'm telling you, Boss, if we fail to meet this month's quota... eh? Yungay, Peru? We can't export our products there—there was just an earthquake!
When it comes to delicious snack foods, nothing beats mayo on Girl Scout cookies, but when you're hungry, chicken is the best.
'The word 'happy' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness', said Swiss psychologist Carl Jung—kooky, if you ask me.
If you would be so kind, Jim, in the bag next to my banjo is my handkerchief and an Army Bomb...
Let's sing some Christmas tunes and showcase our holiday expertise. Ok! Jingle Bell Rock, here we go!
Please, my daughter, don't use the garden hose, okay? We've had a problem with fruit flies lately.
Listen to me, there are no polar bears in Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Joondalup, or Albuquerque!

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