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Type of MoveMoveDescription
 The Fighting type Z-Move
 This attack can hit 2-5 times in a row
 The higher the user's Defense stat, the more damage this move does
 This move is able to break barriers such as Light Screen and Reflect
 Upon using this move, the user's Defense and Sp. Def stats are lowered
 Protects the user from all attacks
 This attack hits two times
 A move that restores the user's HP by half the damage taken by the target
 If this move hits the opponent, the target becomes confused
 Fainting in the process, the user deals damage equal to its own HP when the move was used
 Hawlucha's signature move
 This move has the chance to lower the target's Sp. Def
 A move that hits on the next turn; if the user is hit by an attack while charging the attack, this move will fail
 If this attack misses, the user will suffer major recoil damage
 If this attack misses, the user will suffer major recoil damage
 This move has a high chance to crit
 The heavier the target is, the more powerful this move is
Type of MoveMoveDescription
 This move lowers the target's Speed stat
 This move always goes first
 Sirfetch'd's signature move
 User's Atk is raised whenever this moves hits the foe
 This move has the chance to lower the foe's Defense stat
 This move deals damage equal to the user's level
 This attack always results in a critical hit
 This move always goes first
 Though this move always goes last, it never misses its target
 This attack does massive damage if the target is asleep. This will wake up the target, however

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