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Lord, I was born a ramblin' man, Tryin' to make a livin' and doin' the best I can. And when it's time for leavin', I hope you'll understand, That I was born a ramblin' man.
Company, always on the run. Destiny is the rising sun Oh, I was born 6-gun in my hand Behind the gun I'll make my final stand That's why they call me
School's out for summer School's out forever School's been blown to pieces
Now look at them yo-yo's that's the way you do it You play the guitar on the MTV That ain't workin' that's the way you do it Money for nothin' and chicks for free
Oh Bennie she's really keen She's got electric boots a mohair suit You know I read it in a magazine Bennie and the Jets
You can call it another lonely day You can go your own way Go your own way
Welcome to the jungle We've got fun 'n' games We got everything you want Honey, we know the names
I'm travelin' down the road and I'm flirtin' with disaster I've got the pedal to the floor, my life is running faster I'm out of money, out of hope, it looks like self-destruction
Oh, the passenger How, how he rides Oh, the passenger He rides and he rides He looks through his window What does he see?
Singing, I love rock and roll So put another dime in the jukebox, baby I love rock and roll So come and take your time and dance with me
Carry on my wayward son There'll be peace when you are done Lay your weary head to rest Don't you cry no more
You need coolin', baby, I'm not foolin', I'm gonna send you back to schoolin', Way down inside honey, you need it, I'm gonna give you my love,
When I get high I get high on speed. Top fuel funny car's A drug for me My heart, my heart Kickstart my heart
She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak I've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks
Mental wounds not healing Life's a bitter shame I'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train
You don't have to put on the red light Those days are over You don't have to sell your body to the night
Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, No escape from reality.
They're forming in a straight line. They're going through a tight wind The kids are losing their minds The Blitzkrieg Bop
More days to come New places to go I've got to leave It's time for a show Here I am, rock you like a hurricane
They were asking if you were around How you was, where you could be found. I told them you were living downtown. Driving all the old men crazy .The boys are back in town
I have run I have crawled I have scaled these city walls These city walls Only to be with you But I still haven't found what I'm looking for
Oh can't you see me standing here, I've got my back against the record machine I ain't the worst that you've seen. Oh can't you see what I mean ? Might as well jump. Jump !
She's my cherry pie Cool drink of water Such a sweet surprise Tastes so good Make a grown man cry Sweet cherry pie oh yea
Well I don't know how to write a big hit song, And all crossword puzzles well I just shun, And I may be the Mayor of Simpleton, But I know one thing, And that's I love you.
I want to live, I want to give I've been a miner for a heart of gold. It's these expressions I never give That keep me searching for a heart of gold.
Silk suit, black tie, I don't need a reason why. They come runnin' just as fast as they can 'Cause every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.

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