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Forced Order
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What is the name of the student Peter can't pronounce at the launch of Silicon Playgrounds?
What is Peter's inside leg measurement?
Who replaces Malcolm at the end of the series?
Which newspaper receives the leaked e-mail containing Peter's staff's comments about Mr. Tickel?
What is the name of the 'people's champion' Nicola plans to introduce at the party conference in Eastbourne?
Who is Jamie's favourite singer?
Where does Ollie offer to take Emma on a city break?
Who designed the scarf that Malcolm really doesn't want anyone to touch?
Name one of Nicola's four children.
What does Hugh mistakenly call the benefits fraud inspection unit when he calls into The World Tonight?
With how many women has Phil had sex throughout his life?
Who is the presenter when Ben Swain makes an appearance on Newsnight?
At which school does Nicola wish to take a job around the time of the Prime Minister's resignation?
In which area of London does Hugh keep his unused flat?
Where is Nicola traveling the day she is forced to resign?
What is Robyn's nickname for Peter?
What do Angela Heaney's colleagues buy for her to make fun of her difficulties getting a proper story from Ollie?
In which riding is Glenn hoping to be listed for possible candidacy?
Name one of Hugh's two children.
What is Malcolm's favourite soft drink?
What is the term Fergus uses to refer to getting one's political secrets leaked to the press?
Who sends Malcolm the birthday cake with 'Happy Birthday C*nt' written on top?
Which cabinet minister refuses to run for leadership because of a previously undisclosed gambling addiction?
Where does Terri's sister live?
What is the name of the attractive economist who pitches a microfinance program to Fergus and Adam?

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