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Can you name the Pride and Prejudice Characters by TV Tropes?

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Forced Order
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Known Only by Their Nickname, Satellite Character, Took a Level in Kindness
Cool Big Sis, Daddy's Girl, Marry for Love
Beta Couple, Heterosexual Life-Partners, Perpetual Smiler
Entitled to Have You, Innocently Insensitive, Rejection Affection
Good Parents, No Name Given, Shipper on Deck
Henpecked Husband, Parental Neglect, The Snark Knight
The Bore, Dreadful Musician, Middle Child Syndrome
Annoying Younger Sibling, The Runaway, Shotgun Wedding
The Casanova, Evil Former Friend, The Gambling Addict
English Rose, Friend to All Children, Horrible Judge of Character
Drama Queen, I Was Quite a Looker, Playing Sick
Elegant Classical Musician, Hero-Worshipper, Shrinking Violet
Aristocrats Are Evil, Hannibal Lecture, Parental Marriage Veto
Anguished Declaration of Love, Big Brother Instinct, Wall Glower
First Name Basis, Foil, Old Maid
Clingy Jealous Girl, Graceful Loser, Sugary Malice

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