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Can you name the Game of Thrones Characters by their TV Tropes?

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Clingy Jealous Girl, Disney Villain Death, Mood-Swinger
Big Damn Heroes, Sex God, The Squire
Dead Guy Junior, Hates Small Talk, Little Miss Snarker
The Captain, Daddy's Little Villain, One of the Boys
All-Loving Hero, Crown of Horns, Extreme Doormat
Consummate Liar, Friend to All Children, Ms. Fanservice
Freudian Excuse, It's All About Me, Spare to the Throne
Blood Knight, The Hedonist, Self-Made Man
Badass Baritone, Disapproving Look, Icy Blue Eyes
Anything That Moves, Blade on a Stick, Dashing Hispanic
Blatant Lies, Dirty Old Man, Throwing Off the Disability
Fish Out of Water, Parental Incest, The Pollyanna
Appropriated Appellation, Colonel Badass, Ship Tease
Barefoot Poverty, Didn't See That Coming, Holier Than Thou
100% Adoration Rating, Didn't Think This Through, Open Secret
Arrested for Heroism, Book Dumb, Father Neptune

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