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Can you name the houses of Westeros by the heraldic descriptions of their sigils?

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Forced Order
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Gules, a gauntlet argent
Vert, a huntsman striding to dexter proper garbed gules
Vert, a stone head cendrée, orbed gules
Or, a stag salient, crowned, sable
Tenné, a sun in splendour gules transfixed by a spear bendwise Or
White, a cornucopia Or spilling foods proper within a bordure Or
Per pale gules and argent, two griffins combatant counterchanged
Or, a cock close azure
Or, three golpes
Vert, a rose Or
Gules, on an escutcheon sable a dead weirwood tree proper, all within an orle of ravens volant sable
Cendrée, a tree in flame tenné
Gules, a flail argent within an bordure rayonne sable
Or, ten frogs vert
Tenné pelletée, an orle of ancient runes sable
Azure, a grape cluster proper
Gules, a lion Or
Vert, a wheel broken sable
Vert, a lizard-lion sable
Cendrée, a tower argent with a beacon on fire gules
Or, three dogs courant in pale sable
Sable, a kraken Or
Or, a portcullis sable
Quarterly, first and fourth, carnation, a sun-in-splendour Or, second and third, azure, a moon increscent argent
Purpure, a blazing star bendways surmounted by a sword bendways sinister argent
Sable, semé of mullets of four points argent, a lightning bolt forked purpure
Per bend sinister azure and argent, a leopard rampant Or spotted sable bearing an axe of the third
Lozengy argent and gules
Or, an apple gules/vert
Per fess wavy tenné and sable, a demi-torteaux gules issuant from the division surmounted by a longship sailing upon the division of the second
Purpure, an eagle displayed argent
Or, nine bats, 4, 3, 2, displayed sable
Sable, a sunburst argent
Bleu celeste, upon a plate a falcon volant of the field
Argent, three ravens volant sable, each maintaining a heart gules
Argent, a direwolf courant cendrée
Vert, a lamb couchant argent holding a goblet Or
Gules, a roaring giant proper with shattered chains argent
A wood vert, a bear sable armed gules
Paly wavy azure and gules, a trout embowed argent
Sable, a spear Or, tipped gules, within a bordure chequy of the field and of the second
Vert, semy of fishes argent
Cendrée, a ship sable, its sail charged with an onion argent
Aquamarine, a seahorse rampant argent
Rose de sang, a flayed man gules
Chequy purpure and argent, each chequer charged with a bezant
Sable, a dragon thrice-headed gules
Cendrée, a bridge azure, at either end a tower of the same
Or, three oak leaves vert
Sable, a scythe argent

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