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Can you name the movies considered the worst ever made by their plots?

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Forced Order
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Tom Green acts like a complete jackass for 87 minutes.2001
Small, furry rip-offs make your wildest dreams come true and then kill you, and then everyone has sex.1988
A stupid young man with a talent for impressions must finally learn his family's trade in order to save his parents from their flatulent captor.2002
In the year 3000, humans begin to rebel against their dimwitted, gold-obsessed alien slave drivers.2000
Fearing the creation of a doomsday weapon on Earth, a group of aliens executes a plan for a zombie apocalypse.1959
Christina Crawford rebels against her psycho actress mother.1981
A race of completely obvious monsters poison unsuspecting humans in order to turn them into roughage.1990
A crime boss orders one of his underlings to take a backseat to a woman as they follow his orders to kidnap a guy.2003
Horrific parodies of beloved children's dolls refuse to return to the trash receptacle from whence they came.1987
A runaway prostitute who once had a crippling caffeine pill addiction insists she's really a dancer.1995
An evil moon robot is determined to kill the eight people left on Earth who have managed to evade him.1953
An ad executive in L.A. has to deal with a holiday visit from his obnoxious twin sister.2011
Joel Schumacher nearly ruins a comic book franchise for all eternity by making Arnold Schwarzenegger deliver the world's worst puns.1997
A banker in San Francisco is torn apart by his fiancee's affair with his best friend.2003
Two teenagers discover the only person on the planet who can manipulate all four of the Earth's elements.2010
A young businessman, his model girlfriend and the entire town are terrorized by acid-spewing birds.2008
A cocktail waitress from Texas and a Pennsylvania party planner don't have sex during spring break in Miami.2003
A talking bunny persuades a young boy that his home life sucks and he must find people across the country who will make up for it.1994
Guys are so turned off at the sight of an unattractive brunette that they won't date her hot blond BFF.2008
An astronaut turns into a monster, or is replaced by a monster, and then vanishes for no reason.1965
While trying to regain custody of her daughter, a former FBI secretary becomes embroiled in a plan to end the career of a congressman. Also, boobs.1996
Unnaturally intelligent infants must stop Jon Voight from forcing the world to watch TV all day.2004
On a trip to the Valley Lodge, a family happens upon a strange 'hotel' housing the world's most bizarrely dressed cult leader and his goat-legged sidekick.1966
Two unrealistically attractive secret agents team up to fight a common enemy after initially working against each other.2002
Hijinks ensue as a musician forges a romance with intergalactic waterfowl.1986

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